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Maria was great to work with. She did a fantastic job organizing staging and designed a great webpage. The house sold with just one open house weekend!

Ralph and Julie

Maria came to us like an angel. She has helped us sell our house for more then we expected, worked hard to make everything right in this crazy world we are in with closed facilities and tough document control/dispersion.


Maria is everything we needed, buying a home can be extremely complicated, but she insulated us from potential stress. I highly recommend working with Maria.


Maria made the whole process seamless and stress-free! I work a lot of hours in the week, and having Maria making the process run smoothly was invaluable to me!


Maria is an extremely talented realtor. She is well organized and well connected which made the process much smoother. She is the perfect agent for first time home buyers.

Alla and Pavel

Not only have I always respected Maria on a personal level, but having worked with her on 4 back to back transactions over the last few months, I now have a whole new respect for her as the best realtor around! Let me start off by saying that my family and I hate changes and moving. Maria and I have briefly talked about different options of relocating to an area where the schools are good and the houses are bigger, but didn't actually put anything into motion until February of this year. Together as a family we needed two houses sold in the Daly City/SSF area and two places purchased in the Tri-Valley area of the East Bay. When Maria initially came to talk numbers and strategize with us, it all seemed so far out and overwhelming. She was so calm and reassuring and told me that every stressful element she will handle and tackle, our job is to just find what we like, pack, unpack, etc. Somehow with Maria's guidance, things started moving and on this wild journey we went. She quickly helped my parents relocate to Dublin, right as the pandemic was just starting to become a real issue. Next up, she fixed up and staged their SSF home and the day it got staged, first official SIP was announced, which was also a few days before the scheduled Open House. We all panicked so much, but Maria got an agent and buyers in an hour after the house was staged and hours before SIP began and successfully sold it that night before hitting the market! Not only is Maria lighting fast, an incredible communicator but she's also so calming in all sorts of stressful situations. We were so scared of the market and the falling stocks and the global pandemic and the timing of everything. Of course this posed its own set of challenges, but everything we faced Maria handled like a pro. She was also incredibly helpful with taking care of everything, suggesting movers, scheduling handymen, painters, inspectors, cleaners, you name it. It only took us one day in early April of looking at 4 places in San Ramon to fall in love with the first one we saw that was totally out of our budget, yet Maria worked her magic and got us a great deal. We were in contract two days later and relocated to the East Bay a month later. Last piece of the puzzle was selling our Daly City townhouse. Maria did a phenomenal job of staging it, her eye for style and design is unlike anyone I've ever met. She's a perfectionist and extremely detail oriented, which makes her so much better at ensuring the houses she's selling are showing super well. After a few weeks, the house was in contract and with Maria's help, the escrow went super smooth and we closed a little early! Now I miss my daily conversations and text messages with Maria, it became such a big part of my daily life. Maria, you had so many challenges and we chose to do all of this during such a crazy and unprecedented time, it's hard to believe any of this. I cannot believe we did all of this while still sheltering in place and avoiding the outside world. This was all possible with you help. We are forever grateful to you, you helped to relocate all of us and thus changed our lives. Everyone who works with you, understands why you're so unique and amazing. Anyone who doesn't pick Maria as their agent, is doing themselves a major disservice, as she is the most intuitive, assertive and persuasive agent around. You get a million stars from us! Thank you!

Hank and Hsuanpei

Maria is absolutely a five-star agent and most importantly, she is a winner agent who is fully dedicated to her clients and knows how to win with a best deal for her clients. She negotiated an incredible deal for us to buy our dream home in our dream neighborhood with below asking price and more amazingly, she helped us to beat another buyer that had a higher cash offer! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell in the very competitive Bay Area housing market! We moved to Bay Area from Wisconsin in 2012 and wanted to move up to different neighborhoods in Bay Area, which appears to be very challenging as the housing here is so expensive especially for the good neighborhoods yet with lots of bidding competitions (ie cash offers). Without Maria's incredible knowledge, dedications, pro-activeness, excellent communication, negotiation, people skills, we could never achieve our goal and find our dream home! Since we started our house hunting, Maria has been on top of every step of the process, always very friendly, respectful, and patient, carefully assessed and respected our needs, helped us understand all the necessary steps, gathered all the intels and searches, kept us constantly informed, and best of all, she is very solution driven in all situations. Maria makes herself available at any time of the day and week if needed, even right after she gave birth! (She inspected our dream house, talked to the listing agent, negotiated the killer deal for us, 10 days after she gave birth!) During our search, she was never pushy at all, and even when we were so tired and discouraged due to the challenging housing market here that we wanted to just settle with something far from our dreams, she always gave us her honest advice and keep our dreams alive. She really has our best interest in mind. Once we had potential targets we were interested to offer, Maria presented a very comprehensive analysis to compare the nearby properties with her insightful assessment and strategies for the next steps, which ultimately led to our successful deal. Maria also has a great team of loan officers who are as good as she is and made our loan applications and financing process extremely smooth with the interest rates lower than expected. Again wanted to reiterate, Maria is very responsive, she was in constant contact with us over text and email and with her great organizational skills we never had to wonder about what comes next! After the offer was accepted, Maria's work didn't stop here. Given that we are looking to customize several things in the new house, she provided us a contact list of contractors, professionals in flooring, windows, lighting, etc. This referral list saved us a lot of time and effort to find the trusted resources that we can work with. It was definitely our distinct pleasure working with Maria whose service is way above and beyond our expectations. Again, we are so grateful to have Maria as our realtor, and I would highly recommend Maria if you are buying or selling in the Bay Area housing market.

Boris and Lina

No one tells you that selling your home can be a very emotional and stressful time. Buying a home? Sure, everyone talks about how stressful that can be. We just sold our wonderful home and reflecting on the experience, I can only say that the outcome (which we are thrilled about) is entirely due to our amazing agent, Maria. Maria came recommended by a friend and from the first second Maria walked in to our home, I knew we were in good hands! She was warm yet totally professional. She took her time explaining the process to us first time sellers and always advised us with our best interest in mind. We were definitely emotionally attached to our first home, since we put in so much time and effort in to remodeling it just the way we wanted. Maria instantly recognized our anxiety about the whole thing, and treated us and the home with the utmost respect and attention. There were a million moving parts throughout the process of preparing our home to go on the market and Maria’s attention to detail and the organized manner in which she operates, made us feel like we are her top priority, even though she was probably juggling other clients at the same time. We never felt that she was too busy for us. She was on top of everything! I mean everything! She even dropped off bins to keep us on schedule with de-cluttering prior to our open house! She was ready to roll up her sleeves and help us through to the finish line of preparations. She was at our home, reviewing and presenting offers late in to the night, all while a one hour commute back home lay ahead of her. She refused to do this over the phone because she wanted to show her support and dedication to us and knew that we were full of nerves in making a decision on the offer. Her presence brought a sense of calm and made us feel like we have the best person representing us, with only our best interest in mind. Maria’s professionalism, dedication, support and guidance that we received from her through this entire process was second to none and we are so happy with the results! Her energy, positivity and support made this milestone in our lives as painless as possible! She is the best agent anyone could ask for and I can’t wait until our paths cross again, because we will definitely be using Maria for all of our real estate needs.

Maria and Eugene

Maria is a seller’s dream agent. She was our one-stop-shop for everything from dealing directly with every single vendor for prepping the property for the sale and every other party involved in marketing and the actual deal. Selling a home is a difficult nerve wrecking process and Maria held our hand from the very beginning through the end. She’s friendly, flexible and is assertive yet not aggressive. She’s very skilled at negotiating and we felt she had our best interest in mind through the very last step and more. What stood out to us the most is Maria’s ability in handling difficult and unforeseen situations. Maria didn’t panic when faced with challenges and was able to effectively and efficiently address everything in a timely manner. In retrospect, we felt very lucky to have been in her expert hands considering the situation required someone that knows the industry very well. Maria’s market analysis went above and beyond the standard level of an agent’s knowledge. She had insider insight on the most optimal way of positioning the pricing, marketing and advertising of the property. We felt that this served to be a solid foundation on which our ultimate sale was built. The method with which she approached the offer process also proved to be at the expert level and ultimately got us to an all-cash offer and a very short closing window. Maria was effective at juggling many moving pieces and was a mastermind at planning and timing every single step with multiple dependencies in mind. From the beginning, she developed a step-by-step plan with our needs in mind. Each milestone was met on time while some were exceeded. Most importantly, Maria exceeded every one of our expectations and we’ve been recommending her by singing her praises. the South Bay (which is where I bought my home). I was impressed to hear that she continues to work with clients throughout the Peninsula, and works tirelessly to make people's dreams come true. She is truly a gem and a blessing, and she will be my go-to person as long as she can be for my future home buying/selling journeys. Thank you SO much, Maria!

Giri and Shivani

Maria Nichols is a fantastic realtor with a great sense of understanding of her client's requirements. We found a home in the highly competitive Bay Area market within one week of meeting Maria! She is an adept negotiator (we got our home at lesser than list price). As a first time home buyer she was a delight to work with as she made the process easier for us by working with us closely during the escrow process and coordinating with the lender and title company for timely close. We would recommend her to work to anyone looking to buy a home and more so if you are a first time home buyer.

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